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Snippet Name: Create monthly partitions

Description: Create to_days(first_day), to_days(second_day) syntax that can be directly used while creating partitions based on month.

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Author: CoderZone
Language: MYSQL
Highlight Mode: MYSQL
Last Modified: March 02nd, 2009

mysql -e"drop table if exists test.mycalendar;"
mysql -e"create table test.mycalendar (id int not null auto_increment, dateval date, primary key (id));"
for (( i = 0 ; i < 730 ; i++ ))
mysql -e"insert into test.mycalendar (dateval) select '$1' + interval $i day;"
mysql -e"select group_concat(concat('to_days(', '\'',dateval,'\')') order by dateval) as '' from test.mycalendar group by extract(year_month from dateval);" | sort
# use the following syntax to use
# sh /root/ '2008-01-01'
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