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Unique Constraint - A unique constraint is a single field or combination of fields that uniquely defines a reco...
UNISTR - Takes a text literal (or an expression that resolves to character data) and returns it in the national...
UPDATE - A sample of an update statement.
UPDATE: based on multiple returned values - Update based on multiple returned values from a query.
UPDATE: Correlated Update - You can write a subquery that SQL may have to re-evaluate as it examines each new r...
UPDATE: Nested Table Update example - Nested Tables are tables that have columns that are tables. The base ent...
UPDATE: Single row - Update a single row of data in a single table.
UPDATE: Update a partitioned table - Update records that exist only in a single partition.
UPDATE: update a specific record - Updating a single record in a single table.
UPDATE: Update based on a query - Update one or more rows based on the results of a query.
UPDATE: Update based on a record - Update a table based on the value or presence of a record.
UPDATE: Update from a SELECT statement - Update based on results of a SELECT statement.
UPDATE: Update multiple rows - Update multiple rows in a single table based on a WHERE clause.
UPDATE: Update Object Table - You can update, insert, and delete the data in an object view using the same SQL ...
UPDATE: with RETURNING clause - UPDATE with the RETURNING clause changes the values of the specified columns in...
UPPER function - The upper function converts all letters in the specified string to uppercase.
USER - User Information 2 - More user information from v_$session.
USER profile - Include profile in user creation.
USER - Connected Users - Find all currently connected users.
USER - connection information - User connection information from gv_$session_connect_info.
USER - drop user - Drop a user with and without objects.
USER - misc queries and commands - Some user related queries and commands.
USER active connected users - Query for active connected users.
USER idle time - Query for user idle time.
USER Information - Query for user information including default tablespace, temporary tablespace, and roles.
USER lock account - Lock or unlock the account on creation.
USER memory use - View memory use for each active user session.
USER password - Code for the DBA to create an Oracle user and to view user details.
USER password expiration - Expire the password on creation of user. This forces the user to create a new passwo...
USER system authentication - Create Operating System Authenticated User.

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