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Snippet Name: Generate unique strings of random numbers

Description: This code snippet will produce strings of numbers (1 thru 49) with no repeated numbers in the same string and no duplicated string of numbers in the list of strings.

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Author: CoderZone
Language: PERL
Highlight Mode: PERL
Last Modified: March 05th, 2009

use warnings;
use strict;
my $length = 7; # the amount of numbers per string
my $max = 1000; # the number of strings
my @strings; # array to store the strings
for (1..$max) {
   push @strings, rand_nums($length);
print "$_\n" for @strings;
   my %cache; # create a "static" variable
   sub rand_nums {
      my %local_cache; # create a new hash
      my ($length) = @_; # the length of the random number string passed to the sub
      my $serial = int(rand(49))+1; # get the first number for the serialized string
      $local_cache{$serial} = 1; # store the first number in the hash
      for (2..$length) {# start at 2 because we already have the first number
         my $num = int(rand(49))+1; # get a new random number
         redo if exists $local_cache{$num}; # redo the loop if the number already exists
         $local_cache{$num} = 1; # store the number in the hash
         $serial .= "-$num"; # append to the serialized string
      rand_nums($length) if exists $cache{$serial}; # redo the function if the key already exists
      $cache{$serial}=1; # store the new key in the hash (%cache)
      return $serial;
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