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Snippet Name: Auto-link text with a given set of

Description: This bit of code turns words from a list into links with a URL target taken from the "reserved word list". When using both singular and plural match words, make sure the plurals come before the singular version (i.e. 'dogs' and 'dog').

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Author: Wheels
Language: PHP
Highlight Mode: PHP
Last Modified: February 26th, 2011

// list of keywords to auto-link 
// list plural forms first
$reserved_word_list = array	(
	'dogs' => '', 
	'dog' => '', 
	'cat' => '', 
	'kitten' => '',
	'horse' => ''
// search text string and auto-link the words
foreach($reserved_word_list as $word => $rep_string){
	if(strpos($some_text, $word)){
		// link the word
		$some_text = preg_replace('/(\s+)('.preg_quote($word).')/i','$1<a href="'.$rep_string.'">$2</a>',$some_text);
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