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Snippet Name: Auto Link Maker #2

Description: Automatically creates links 'http:' and 'mailto:' strings in text.

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Author: CoderZone
Language: PHP
Highlight Mode: PHP
Last Modified: March 16th, 2009

function linkScan($string1)
     $pattern1 = "/(?<![\\/\\d\\w])(http:\\/\\/)?([\\w\\d\\-]+)
     $replace1 = "<a href=\\"http://$2$3$6\\" target=\\"popup\\">$0</a>";
     $string2 = preg_replace($pattern1,$replace1,$string1);
     $pattern2 = "/[\\d\\w\\.\\-_]+@[\\d\\w\\-_\\.]+?
     $replace2 = "<a href=\\"mailto:$0\\">$0</a>";
     $string3 = preg_replace($pattern2,$replace2,$string2);     
     return $string3;     
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