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Snippet Name: Check if a date is in the past

Description: This javascript snippet checks that a user-supplied date is not in the past. That is, the date the user entered must be equal to or greater than the current date.

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Last Modified: December 19th, 2010

// The input for the date in this case is assembled from 
// 3 separate fields (day, month, and year) but could just 
// as  easily be taken from a single form field. The date 
// format to be checked is 'yyyy/mm/dd'.
function checkdate(){
	var sendDate = document.getElementById('send_year').value + '/' + document.getElementById('send_month').value + '/' + document.getElementById('send_day').value;
	sendDate = new Date(Date.parse(sendDate.replace(/-/g,' ')))
	today = new Date();
	if (sendDate < today) {
		alert('The  date can\'t be in the past. Please pick another date.');
		return false;
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ranadheerDec 24th, 2014 8:42am
you can check this using the following jquery code

var EnteredDate = document.getElementById("txtdate").value; //for javascript

var EnteredDate = $("#txtdate").val(); // For JQuery

var date = EnteredDate.substring(0, 2);
var month = EnteredDate.substring(3, 5);
var year = EnteredDate.substring(6, 10);

var myDate = new Date(year, month - 1, date);

var today = new Date();

if (myDate today)
alert("Entered date is greater than today's date ");

alert("Entered date is less than today's date ");

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