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Snippet Name: EXPORT

Description: An example of using Oracle's EXPORT functionality.

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Author: CoderZone
Language: PL/SQL
Highlight Mode: PLSQL
Last Modified: March 01st, 2009

     GRANTS=Y     -- default
     INDEXES=Y     -- default
     ROWS=          -- default
     CONSTRAINTS=Y     -- default
     COMPRESS=Y     -- default
     FULL=N          -- default
     OWNER=(x,y,z)     -- comma delimited list
     TABLES=(a,b,c)     -- comma delimited list
     RECORDLENGTH     -- only used when moving between operating systems
     INCTYPE=     -- valid values are COMPLETE, CUMULATIVE, & INCREMENTAL
               -- default is none
     HELP          -- displays help info
     PARFILE=     -- parameter file containing these items
     LOG=LOG.LOG     -- default is NONE
     CONSISTENT=N     -- default
     STATISTICS=     -- valid values are ESTIMATE, COMPUTE, & NONE
               -- default is NONE
EXP system/manager file=llink.dmp LOG=llink.LOG statistics=COMPUTE
TO specify an OPS$ schema owner IN UNIX WRITE AS OPS\$xxxxxxxx
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