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Snippet Name: Using ASP to Insert into XML

Description: An example script showing how to insert records into XML.

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Language: ASP
Highlight Mode: VB
Last Modified: December 03rd, 2010

    response.ContentType = "text/xml"
    ' Create an ASP XML parser object
    set xml0 = Server.CreateObject("Test.Xml")
    ' Returns the XML page as a Variant
    set xml = xml0.HttpGet("")
    ' Insert a new company
    set companyNode = xml.NewChild("company", "")
    set nameNode = companyNode.NewChild("name", "Some Company, Inc.")
    ' Add an attribute to this node.
    nameNode.AddAttribute "Symbol", "XYZ"
    companyNode.NewChild2 "address", "1234 Test St."
    companyNode.NewChild2 "city", "Seattle"
    companyNode.NewChild2 "state", "WA"
    companyNode.NewChild2 "zip", "98004"
    companyNode.NewChild2 "website", ""
    companyNode.NewChild2 "phone", "425-555-1212"
    response.write xml.GetXml()
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