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Snippet Name: Count all words in a string

Description: This search pattern will match what is generally considered to be a "word". We consider that we have found a word each time a white-space character (specified in regex as s) followed by a non-white-space character (specified in regex as S) is matched. The very first word in a string will usually not match this pattern since it usually isn't preceded by a white-space character. To handle this special case we add an extra variation to the pattern. The carat ^ will match the beginning of the string that is searched.

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Author: CoderZone
Language: PERL
Highlight Mode: PERL
Last Modified: December 03rd, 2010

$str = "Be careful what you wish for—you just might get it.";
$count = $str =~ s/((^|\s)\S)/$1/g;
print $count;
# prints '11'
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