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Snippet Name: Get last and next months with ASP

Description: Handy function gets you the last or previous month and the next month. Useful for calendars, date calculations, etc.

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Language: ASP
Highlight Mode: ASP
Last Modified: December 04th, 2010

Function GetLastMonth(iCurrentMonth,iCurrentYear)
End Function
Function GetLastMonthYear(iCurrentMonth,iCurrentYear)
End Function
Function GetNextMonth(iCurrentMonth,iCurrentYear)
End Function
Function GetNextMonthYear(iCurrentMonth,iCurrentYear)
End Function
'Example Usage:
response.write GetLastMonth(Month(Now), Year(Now)) & "/" & GetLastMonthYear(5, 2010)  & " " & GetNextMonth(Month(Now), Year(Now)) & "/" & GetNextMonthYear(Month(Now), Year(Now))
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