was created to provide a friendly place for programmers, designers, and developers to help each other and to share ideas, code, and tips.

Our forum serves as a discussion and support area, and our code library is a great place to find all sorts of useful, clever time-saving code snippets.

Currently we offer code snippets for PHP, Javascript, mySQL, Oracle PL/SQL, and Perl. We plan to add categories for ASP and Java, as well as any other requested languages. If you'd like to contribute code or perhaps take "ownership" of a language category, please contact us.

We also offer a place where people can connect for employment. If you need a code or programing job done or if you have technical skills that you'd like to offer, you can do that in our Job Board.

We use the excellent Simple Machines Forum (SMF) script for our community forums. SMF is a is a free, professional grade software package that's well-suited to creating useful, feature-rich online communities.

The site is powered by Linux, PHP, and mySQL.

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